A Greensboro Burrowing Crayfish?

Surprisingly, not all crayfish live in streams, lakes or ponds.
Some just like to burrow in the ground, finding the water table thereunder.

Our backyard biologist-dog 'Sparky' collected this specimen on 25-Sep-2000
from between our house and driveway slab in north High Point, NC.
It was around 9:00 pm, about 3 hours after a heavy rain.

Since there is no watercourse, pond, etc. anywhere near Sparky's fenced domain,
we assume the creature could be a "Greensboro Burrowing Crayfish".
This rare benthic macroinvertebrate was named by Hobbs and Perkins in 1967.

|Order            | Family                    |Scientific Name                    |Author

|Global Rank    |Common Name                                                |Federal Status    |Elcode
|G3                  |GREENSBORO BURROWING CRAYFISH |                          |ICMAL07240

(or could it be a 'North High Point' burrowing crayfish?)
After photography, this 7cm (2-3/4") long specimen was released.


Version of: 7-Oct-00